I have THE worst luck, that’s why I have rules like this.  Once I read it’s because electronics are hyper-senstive to psychic energy, but I don’t know.  

1 – That’s my audio un-linked in FinalCut; you should’ve heard what came out of my mouth when that happened.  If you’ve ever edited you’ll know that separating the two channels is integral to having good audio, and that screenshot is the first and only time my audio has ever ever been unlinked; it’s back again to being stuck together.  

2 – That’s my Finder crashing.  My Finder.

3 – I would never authorize another computer to use my iTunes, so why?

4 – Opera is not installed on my laptop, but all those files changed one day to the Opera logo?  They’re jpegs?

5 – That’s my video converter (Streamclip) and it keeps switching back to PAL.  There are two types of video playback – PAL and NTSC.  In North America we use only the latter, so how I remember that is: PAL is not my pal.