We’re two races into the season and my team is doing great this year and being very team-like.  I used to think cycling was just pedal as fast as possible, but turns out there’s a lot of strategy involved.  

The first race was the Good Friday Road Race put on by the Hamilton Cycling Club, one of the oldest cycling clubs in Canada, founded 1881.

There were an obscene amount of crashes.  Imagine that group above exploding from the centre like a cartoon, legs and arms everywhere.  Not blogging those photos.  
Seeing my logo on the jerseys does not get old.  And that’s what you wear to a race; mini skirt and combat boots.

Out of nowhere I hear, “Keri!” and tada, the stars of “Exploring the Waterfall Capital of the World” came out of nowhere, hi guys! (fast forward to 1:35 in that video for the waterfall part).  Click here to read about when we felt a ghost during our exploration.

My team did great at the Calabogie race, the one on the race track.

This is how I cheer.

And this is how I amuse myself during the waiting.

Here’s the episode, Exploring Cycling.