I was pretend working with Jody and realized I was gonna be late for my meeting so I hailed a cab.

Me: Sorry dude but I only have $10 on me so we can only go $8 far, plus tip.
Him: Oh don’t worry, I’ll get you there and you just give me the $10 regardless.
Me: That’s SO nice. february 26 2009

So off we go and we’re chatting and he tells me his name is Farhad and he was a renowned artist in Persia.  Like, some of his below works were displayed in their national museum, people would ask for his autograph, neat eh!  

The pottery peices are his specialty, and bottom right is a painting.  I guessed those were Arabiac words designed in but he said no, that’s the Persian language.  Farhad’s gonna have an art show soon so he said he’d email me when he does.