The Assignment: 100 Words About Yoga

Title: I’ve Started Yoga

The Words: 

Specifically hot yoga, and now that I’ve experienced it I can’t imagine doing it cold.  I go here: Moksha Yoga Downtown.  I think it’ll be good for my head, plus I can’t argue with something 5000+ years old.  

You shouldn’t talk during the hour long class and I’m terrible at relaxing, there’s nothing to focus on except your breath, so your world gets small and really, I’ve never thought about breathing before even though it’s always happening.  I’m a shallow breather.  

I’m also crooked.  Not like, “I wanna swindle ya” crooked, but physically, from always being bent over my laptop.  You’re probably reading this online so don’t be like me, sit up straight!

This morning I told my teacher she’s the most bendy person I know, because she is.



(watch Jan. 20 – “Live at 5” for why I’m doing this)