You know how the Mayans predicted in the year 2012 something huge would happen?  What I think it will be is this:

It’ll be the year that humans begin to control things with their minds.  Thought-reading, powering and moving objects via thought, transmitted through clunky connectors attached to our forheads and secured with headbands. 

It’ll start off small… “change the channel by changing your mind!”, gimmicky things.  Then we’ll be dialing phones, linking into the information net, thinking to Twitter, you get the idea.  It’ll grow big and get away from us, get its own act together, it’s the beginning of the proverbial end.  

Far in the future there’ll be a small group of unpopular people who, instead of downloading the lastest skill set off the ever-present thought net, they’ll choose to learn “the old fashioned way”, trial and error, day by day, slooowly.  

note: researchers have concluded the Mayans never said doomsday was gonna happen in that year, just that something big was coming

note: for a Wikipedia list of things happening in that year, click here.  It’s the transit of Venus that gets me.  One happened in 2004, one will happen on June 5 then not again for 105 years.