My Twitter friend @brundle_fly sometimes Tweets about his car, and has told me his car too is his office.  So now that you know that, here’s what happened:january 15 2009

Him: Drove to work holding a ciggy today, helped me not crash.
Me:  I think we should race.
Him: Bring it. [sends link]
Me:  Excellent.  Tell me you have a camera on your dash too. Then I’ll edit it in split-screen and match the music to me winning. 
Him: Duct tape and a macbook pro.  Ready to rock. 
Me: That’s scary for your laptop. You can use my Flip. I’m serious btw. “Exploring T.O at 140km/h”
Him: [sends link]
Me: For sure you have the better car. But I’m crazier.

This’ll be so fun, although not sure how much you’ll learn about the city when it’s blurring by.  Oh, and I decided it’s more fitting to call it, “Exploring T.O at 149km/h”, ha.