I just like saying that, “my business manager”.  So does Jody, she emails it all the time.  I took my chickenscratched, stickynoted printouts and my little black book that I put my most excellent ideas into using my best printing.

Couple weeks ago I’d texted him all hyper, “OMG I’m #1 on Google for “Canadian Explorer” in BOTH Canada and USA.”  And tonight maybe the funniest thing he said was this: 

“You know what I almost did Keri?  Bought TCE.info and .biz then used them to outrank you.  Except I didn’t want to invest that much time in making you cry”.  I know, I jacknifed too.

I really wanted to go to this one bar and did and look:

Totally empty, just us and the DJ.  I asked him to play Britney and got back a brand new song with her and Little Wayne, it’s good.

It woulda been an excellent little video but, get this, I don’t really have a camera.  My Flip’s audio no longer works, my big camera is breaking down and my BB keeps reseting itself: I’m a girl with an internet show and no camera.  That’s getting solved tomorrow.