july 27 2009
My team is soooo cute!  Left to right that’s Mitch and Mike.  Because to be on my team your name has to start with ‘M’.  What?  Noooo.  Mitch did excellent today, Mike’s registration got screwed up so he got screwed over.  This happened to a lot of people and the organizers blamed all the participants instead of owning up to a crap website.  

I’ve announced to the guys, and now you, that next year they’re gonna ride solely for me, ‘The Canadian Explorer Flyers’; the jerseys will have my logo all giant on their chest and my scrappy printing everywhere else.  I will have team parties and training days and rule with my little iron fist.  Actually, I have no clue how I’m going to afford to sponsor a whole team by myself but meh, I’ve got a year to figure that out.

Mitch is the one who gave me this idea, thanks dude I’m on it.  As well as the finishing up the episode “Exploring Cycling” where I go to three races around Southern Ontario.  It’s almost done, and I’m certain you’ll be inspired to get out and ride when you see me in my… winter coat.  OMG I know, this filming-to-upload time of mine is deplorable.