Squished in a lot, 700 km and two cities, old friend visits and laughing really hard with my family and HAVE you had a look around my new blog come ON.


This is the result of the kindness of Casie and Patrick yesterday and thank you guys, couldn’t have done this without you. 

I’ve never had something so official… this is hosted on my own area of a server and I can control everything you see all by myself (finally!), and check out all the widgits I made to the right, ya I did!  Can you tell I’m excited?!  The guts of my new home online are like a Ferrari eh, I’m used to having like, a moped, that’s how much better this site is.

Here’s to a great week for ya, isn’t the weather just perfect?  Knew if I believed hard enough we’d get an Indian summer.  Funny how much a bright sunny sky can change your mood, huh.

Oh ps – coming this Thursday is Episode #79 – Our Big Hockey Gold Win!