By the time I’m done there’ll be 70+ hours of editing in this thing, plus producing and sailing time, 21GB of footage, 224 .DV files, thousands of Final Cut cuts, whew.

That’s why my blog has been content-light and I’ve only been tweeting: september 21 2009

Woke up on a warship, caught a ride home on a plane, hit 2 parties downtown, today will be tough to top #ReflectingOnMyFuture #zzzzz

The ship was good for me.

“Exploring the Navy” really came together last night; it’s gonna be cute, long (5 min. at least), and for once you’re gonna learn something.

Just found this interview foogate – Him: You have 3 minutes.  Me: Dude I _make_ 3 minute movies.

[TwitPic] – Me tonight from filming the last bit for the Navy episode and omg the sun goes down fast these days.

Aha, just worked in a heart wipe.

Go Navy!

Having new music makes so much difference

Morning!  Can’t wait to show you the ship and the Navy, which is the people.

Apologies in advance – of the gig I just rendered 33% of the footage I’m chewing gum.

I’m still editing.

31 hours of editing since Friday.  I may not be the smartest girl on the block, but I’ll out-work you.  Zzzzz.

You actually learn something in this episode.  Don’t get used to it.

Rendering.  Pray for less than 1000MB.

1.09 GB mf.

Oh no – think I spelled ‘missile’ wrong and I’m uploading.

And that’s the FinalCut file.