It just got back to me that during the Mesh Conference after party this week “someone” was telling people he’s paying me to backlink posts for money…. as in: I insert a blog post back where you’d likely never see it (like in 2008) about something spammy like online loans, and in return I get $10 and their Google ranking is increased.

Let me be very clear here: I would NEVER no NEVER do that.

I haven’t held out putting ads on this site for this long to throw it all away for 10 bucks, I think it’s shady, and it completely undermines my entire blog since really, a blog is only as honest and authentic as its author.

And to the guy that said that: what is wrong with you?  Don’t use my name like that ever again.  I have never worked for you nor will I, I’ve always been nice to you and why you’d say such a thing is beyond me.  

I had to explain to someone yesterday that of course I wouldn’t do that and their response? “Okay good, my respect for you went back up”.  I felt like barfing.  Awesome.

The end.