That may sound mundane, but it happens only a couple times a year.  Put a remote in my hand and I’ll sit there for hoursss.

As I photoshopped the below montage I thought how revealing knowing what a person watches can be, kinda the same as knowing what’s on someone’s iPod or book shelf.

Top left to bottom right:june 19 2009

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’.  What exactly are those sunglasses/headphones wired into?
– Finally I saw the show that’s been on every magazine cover for weeks, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and really?  I lasted 90 seconds
– David Blaine doing magic.  Would like to have a coffee with that guy
– That’s some infomercial for I forget.  I adore informercials, always have
– Also finally got to see the girl behind my favourite celebrity gossip blog, LaineyGossip.  That’s her doing eTalk Canada.
– The local news.  I think the worst part about the world switching to satellite is local TV will be pushed out, and that’s not right.