Today was the Canadian launch of Rowenta’s hair care appliances line, a high end 100 year old German company that specialized in garment care until now.  At my last salon visit Brennen said he was now the North American supplier for their products, so I stopped by to learn and see.

june 24 2009

Their hair dryer operates on AC power (rare), their curling iron heats up to an unmatched 400 degrees, and everything emits ions, for smoothness.

And it turns out Brennen helped design the things.  Seriously, getting information out of the guy is like pulling teeth sometimes.  Because Heather, the Rowenta lady, gave me a brochure which I read when I got home and that’s when I cracked it.

There he is starring in the brochure.  Remember when I said this?  An understatement, here’s the final answer: “… and rigorously tested by some of the country’s top hair gurus including FORD Artists Celebrity Hair Stylist Brennen DeMelo – one of Canada’s cutting-edge coiffeurs styling top models and “it” girls like supermodel Daria Werbowy”.  Ha, and me, rat-nest-head.