june 17 2009

I was behind an older gentleman at the grocery store when he turned around and said it was hard to see me under my hat.  To which I replied, “that’s the idea!” and punched him on the shoulder.  

Because really, no one needs to see me sick, again.  How can I be young and so sickly? What’s gonna happen when I’m old?  Bed-ridden.com.  

Enough is enough – I booked myself in to see a homeopathic doctor tomorrow, something’s not right.  She told me to take Vitamin C every other hour and those things there on the right in order to boost my immune system.  Okay, but how can you boost something that’s not there?  I need a new one installed, mine sucks.  I am also to sleep in kinda-wet socks in order to shock my body into a fever; wonder if I’ll follow through on that.

On the left is some soup, which I got in my head would be good for my throat.  But turns out no one makes soup in the summer; took darkening a lot of doorways to find it (Swiss Chalet FTW).