I opted to go out-of-town to one some people I know go to.  She was nice, asked a lot of questions and when I told her how often I was getting sick she didn’t skip a beat; she said it’s because my body is confused and adjusting to all the health I’ve been sticking in it since my March commitment.

It doesn’t mean my immune system sucks like I thought, its just getting used to vegetables and such.  Also, it’s not like I flicked a switch in March and it was smooth sailing… I’ve fallen back many times.  Immune confusion.

Makes sense, I’ve been living on fast food forever… if I were to die today my corpse would be around for centuries.  I’m not even being dramatic, it’s a real problem… because of all the preservatives in food today bodies are no longer decaying as quickly as they did and graveyards are running out of room.

She gave me some stuff to help me along. 

june 18 2009

Get this: I have to be mindful where I keep them because… they absorb energy.  For example, I’m to take in more copper because it kills bacteria, so that must be kept far from anything electronic.  I buy into that because I know that if you wrap your electronics in copper and electrify it, everything gets erased (spies do that).  

Why homeopath as opposed to a regular doctor?  I prefer the idea of healing through natural stuff as opposed to chemicals.  I read once that, as great (and Canadian) penicillin is, using it to kill off an infection is like getting rid of weeds in your garden by burning it to the ground.