august 9 2009

Well I should say what a successful test.  From these hypothesis, the conclusions:

– moving every night will be too much.  Plan on two nights in one place, then move
– I did a not bad job packing… really I need just one pair of jeans, one T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a dress I can roll up very little, a suit jacket and an outfit to run around in the woods.  Toiletries, my laptop and camera, a book, I’m done
– yes bringing my bike is key, and I think it’ll work if I keep it in the backseat and use my trunk for my crap
– blogging remotely is totally possible… the internet access at the resort was fast, free and stable.  Still gotta look into a Turbo stick from Bell
– still have to test out too
– eating reasonably well should be doable, provided I try; that’ll be the hard part
– some tools need to be added to my trunk… a crowbar, a screwdriver, a bigger flashlight, a flare gun
– I can cover and explore less in 2 days than I thought, and that’s just on my blog nevermind video too.  More work, design and thought has to go into that 
– I tagged this post with ‘scientific method’