You didn’t miss much, holy crap I crashed hard, zombie me and all that.  Still, not till a week ago was I 100% back to myself I can’t believe how long it took.  I won’t keep going when I get home from an event again, and I’ve decided to save our hockey gold episode to be released on Canada Day.

I have so much to tell you!  All in good time, I’m trying out a slower-and-steadier-pace thing.  It was really great to live like a normal person there, not documenting, no list in the back of my head everyday.

Grandma’s doing well, thanks kindly for the get-better wishes.  And if you have a couple minutes this week you could maybe call the oldest person you know to say hi, they’d like that.  I know sometimes they talk too slow and stuff, but maybe they’ll surprise you too. 

About the state of my show:

I’m very very glad I waited as long as I did to pick it up again because it’s genuinely fun again – blogging, producing videos… it wasn’t at all fun there for a while.  I completly shut it all down eh, like, for the first time in 6 weeks I scrolled to the bottom of my blog, was slow on email, slow at everything online. 

I was often asked, “is this the end of The Canadian Explorer” but not at all, opposite.  I kept the back-end going since I got home just not the front end, the stuff you see (videos and blog).  And if ever you wanted to cross your fingers for me it’s now.

For the past two weeks I’ve been building this secret project, including 15 videos, some photos.  If everything goes awesome you’ll be able to see it one day soon.  Sorry for the shroud of mystery but I must, plus you know how jinxy I am.

Most importantly now, thank you for the comments, emails and messages while I was gone; I didn’t realize that many of you cared for real; I was touched.