Okay so:

Still getting the hang of blogging.  Like, all the documentation is done and saved chronologically on my hard-drive but publishing it… is so different, even though really all I’m doing is putting the same files from one folder into another.  Have had this blog for 7 weeks now, I’m 4 weeks behind on it, and 2 episodes too.  From “Ice Fishing” I figured out that the new cardinal rule is to never sit on footage ever in your life.

From that epiphany I had a little ago I figured out a new format for the show that I’m pumped to try.  I was going to film the last bit of it this weekend, but look how sick I am:

That’s me this afternoon.  I woke up with a fever on Friday and it’s been downhill ever since. Would you wanna watch that narrate a movie?


2 very exciting things happened to me on Monday then Tuesday, the timing of which was epic.

I met Eugene from TubeMogul and guess who can now offer the best analytics that exist? The Canadian Explorer.  He’s gonna turn on the premium features because half of TubeMogul is Canadian.  Which also explains why their product is incredible.

And then I met Stiv, Founder & Editor of Wend Magazine…  please say hi to the new Canadian Ambassador for Wend.  Ha!  He’s invited me take up a mini-residence on his site and he’s shipping me gear as well.  I was hyper for a long while.  Wend’s gonna come along for “Exploring Looking for the Sasquatch” in BC.

One last thing, the new website is coming along awesome.  There’s serious behind-the-scenes work going on and by Wednesday my email shoud be hooked up and URLs re-propagated therefore making it the first official day the stuff written on my business cards all works.  @ilowelife and I are a good team.  Well it’s pretty much all him; he has sick CSS skills.