april 24 2009

That’s my old mouse at the top, see where I wore it away?  That’s editing.  It started this week only double-clicking so there below is my new, less-superior mouse.  I took my old one with me, “Hi. I need another one exactly like this”, but it’s been discontinued.

The newer version one is bugging me…. it’s like, too slick; the wheel barely clicks when I scroll.  And it’s bugging me that I am attached to a piece of plastic.  And how an old person’s hands are supposed to open the plastic packaging on a new mouse is beyond me.

And there’s my new MonsterPod, an essential piece of equipment.  I wore it out, too.  See it in action here.  I have a nagging feeling I should stockpile some because they told me the same thing at the Henry’s in Toronto as they did in Kingston: you are the only person to ever buy one.