Last night there was a set of stairs, maybe 7 of them.  So I’m running my guts out when all of a sudden there are the stairs so I leap and I SWEAR time stops when I realize my right foot is twisted up in the left leg of my jogging pants.  

All in slow-motion, I untwist and release my foot just in time for me to hit the ground with both feet flat, I pitch forward while jackknifed and a giant “aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh” comes out of me and scares the cab drivers standing there, to which I then wave “hi hi!” and keep going.

So two things:
september 17 2008
1 – it is SO sick I can slow down time doing this stuff, and; 
2 – time to invest in a proper pair of pants.  No way will I get that lucky again, next time I’ll kneecap myself. 

So I got a pair that are tight around my shins and have a little pocket for my key so I no longer have to hide it in the bushes outside my place.