Of all my movies there’s just one who’s views are hugely higher (six times as high) and that’s the one I made with Brennen.  

It’d been puzzling me until earlier this week when it hit me, so I asked him today, “you’re way more famous than I realize, aren’t you?”, and I got a little out of him:

– tomorrow to Montreal to do the cover of September’s Elle Canada, a now-regular gig;
– he did both Biotherm and Lancome‘s spring product releases
– he’s currently featured in magazines FlareLush, and LouLou, where there’s a writeup saying he’s the go-to salon in town;
Raphael Mazzucco, world renowned (and Canadian) photographer requests Brennen specifically, and he recently returned from New York doing just that. 

april 28 2009

He’s got a new salon and I’ve got footage of it in an upcoming episode.  He’s also decided on the theme of our next movie, “Exploring Keri’s Hair Getting Longer”, where he covers my head in huge hair extensions and I can’t wait; ponytail of my dreams.