Worked the Britney concert.

march 19 2009 
That’s confetti falling from the rafters.  My thinking is anytime you’re somewhere and it’s raining confetti, it’s a good day out.  That’s the back of one of the two-seater couches directly in front of the stage, surrounding the stage, very VIP, $1200 each.

I was stationed at the sound mixer so not only did I not have to speak or interact, I was able to stand there with an excellent view and watch the show.

At the opposite end of this area was the ultra-VIP zone; 10 folding chairs and an uninterrupted sightline.  And that’s where I saw Larry Rudolph and subsequently got busted staring at Larry, by Larry.  I just want to have a coffee with him, imagine how much I’d learn?  Instead I accidently became that creepy-security-guard-girl.

She had exactly twice as many trucks as ACDC and the audeince was on its feet the entire time losing their minds.  And apparently the tour was very impressed with us security guys; yeah Canada.

* I would also request Bjork, and any symphony.