I was sitting here updating this blog when @photojunkie popped up in my gmail asking if I wanted to go for a ride, so off we went to Brampton, Georgetown (and some other places I forget) in his new Nissan Cube.  As in the car he won, the one mentioned in our episode. The car that has it’s own Twitter account, ha.

Such a great day, getting out of the city, we probably drove 160km, and isn’t the roof cool? Top right is Rannie teaching me my new move.

We chose Brampton because he’s on the hunt for an antique bench it’s good to do that where a lot of rich people live and get rid of perfectly good things.  Rannie really knew his way around and took me to The Cheltenham Badlands, look how neat it is:

july 22 2009

We thew ourselves down them, and although it’s not so evident in the photos it’s really steep, like steep enough we both had trouble stopping we picked up so much speed.  

‘Badlands’ is a geological term for soft rock filled with iron (hence the bright red), devoid of any vegetation and all hilly like that from overfarming in the 1930s.  This is one of the few areas in Ontario like this, and probably the best of all of them.  It’s an ‘Ontario Heritage Foundation’ site and under the care of the ‘Bruce Trail Association’.

Then Rannie did a panorama so I’m in two now.  See all of his panos (this is what won him the car) in a movie here.  It’s an excellent way to see Toronto; there’s 300 of them.

[And sincerely thank you to all those who wrote me lately, I am feeling much better and you really helped]