Cabbed it down to Lakeshore and Strachan and walked from there.

Start > 1 – crawl over the breakwater rocks keeping low and in the shadows.  I’ve ended up looking like an ‘L’ a lot today

1 > 2 – through the dry-docked boats, dash across the parking lot, over a fence and up the stairs to the top of the slide

2 to 3 – That’s the view from the top, here’s another.  We walked down the slide, all encased in a giant white tube.  Feels weird, “feels like we’re walking in the future”.  Made many many future jokes.  At the bottom we peered over the edge deciding our next move when we saw two foxes?!

3 to 4 –  Just run.  See that green arrow on the body of water?  As soon as we got within 6 feet of it there was a huge splash right in the middle, like, a dolphin jumping would splash like that.  We freeze up in fear because WTF?

4 to 5 – Calm, purposeful walking here, “we are going to back to our boat”.

5 to 6 – Up the stairs, across those diamond rooftops, back down, and that’s where we found the dinosaurs:

september 25 2009

Me: Hey they’re squishy, not hard plastic [punch punch]
Him: Look what makes us laugh, oh boy
Me: Posting incriminating photos of me on the internet?
Us: giggling

6 to 7 – into the Kid’s Area where the door to the big climbing maze was open, lock just hanging to the side.  We freeze again, fine let’s go.  But I got 4 turns in and that was enough, “something feels wrong, I don’t want to be here” and ran out.

The only way off the island is to shimmy along the outside of a railing in front of the guard house.

Him: grab the railing, not those spikey things
Me: No? [that’s what I was about to grab]
Him: That’s how I fell last time, they break off
Us: giggling

By now my hands and arms are tired from fences, the bar is big for my hand size, and I almost slipped woah my palms got sweaty as I typed that sentence, weird.

On the walk back downtown we saw a third fox.

So if you don’t plan out your night out, that’s what can happen.

PS – juuust kidding, none of this happened.  I Photoshopped all those images and made the story all up .