Pounded the crap outta my laptop making my Blog Party Screening.  

Sometimes a song really gets me during editing… tonight it was Lady Gaga’s new one, Bad Romance.  During the editing of ‘My Intro‘ is was Headsprung by LL Cool J.  

For sure I’ve decimated my hearing by a coupld dBs; they were heat hot and it was worth it. You probably woulda liked seeing me lose      my      mind     dancing around… it’s just I have to even out the hours (10 tonight) of sitting totally still with Final Cut. 

Look what I did though:

On the right is what the footage looks like for five FIVE explorations I ripped and rendered.  

My finger musta slipped and hit ‘4’, therefore making it all zoomed up, and I didn’t catch the mistake till too late.  Have to start from scratch.  Press play.