august 17 2009

After, my friend and I were walking along:

Me: I just figured it out, why bus stops are made of glass
Him: Why’s that?
Me: Because then you can’t get trapped inside and beaten up because people can see in; keeps you safe
Him: I think it’s so the people inside can see the bus coming, Keri
Me: Oh

Then we drove through ‘The Bridle Path‘, I’ve never been and if you haven’t either OMG you must, click here for a good article.

It’s gotta be THE richest suburb in the country.  My jaw was scraping the ground as I drove sloooowly through, but upon further thought I don’t know why I was so surprised, like, this is the richest city in Canada and so the richest people have to live somewhere.  

Click here to see photos of an old fashioned one for sale, 6.25 million, here to see a modern one the Star called “the most technologically sophisticated residence in Canada”, and click here to meet some people that live here.

My latest idea is to go back and poster up the place advertising my services as a house sitter.  Ya, the security guaranteed to be patrolling around the area won’t mind that.