Now that I know all about calories and actually care I looked up how many of them I was going to be eating tonight before I went over (1650).  But what I found was more interesting.

George Tidball founded The Keg chain of restaurants in 1971.  The first one was in North Vancouver, now there are over 100 of them.  But you know what George did before that? He was the first person ever to bring McDonald’s to Canada, 1967.  I know, wow.

march 26 2009
I met my friend Winnie at the one on York Street.  We always sit at the bar and eat among the action.  Thursday nights are very busy here with all the financial and Bay Street people. Which makes me wonder… since these are the people who affect Canada’s finances are Friday’s financialy effed because they’re all hung over?

And just to say it, no less than four guys came up to us to say how amazed they were to see us both eating not just a salad.  I had the filet mignon and Winnie, she can eat a 16oz. ribsteak.  That is impressive.