Here’s some photos I’ve taken over the past weeks but didn’t fit into other posts, so I put them all together:

june 29 2009

Top Row
– when was the last time you saw such a simple remote?  
– that’s the windmill on the CNE grounds, the first urban-sited one in North America. Something I’ve heard before but can’t verify (but the source was okay): when the blade swoops past the base a very low sound frequency is emitted, the exact same one that 2 of 6 speakers in a big movie theatre are dedicated to producing because it’s a sound that heightens awareness in humans (that’s why the movie is always better/scarier/more in the theatre than at home).  So what I’d like to know is, if that’s true, are those who live close to windmills slowly losing their minds?

Middle Row
– I’d like to try wearing shoes like that, and have it on my to-explore list to go to the National Ballet for “Exploring Better Posture” (the time I spent bent over my laptop has me concerned)
– doesn’t the studio look great with the Golden Arches.  Part of that place’s appeal is the ambiance and people watching, it’s always top notch.

Last Row
– That’s as close to Jay and I got to the Fantasy Farm the other day, and it’s out of focus because the rain was making my car shake so badly
– I’m gonna pull over on the 401 before summer’s out and take my photo with that giant flag, love that flag

While a file was uploading (a watched file never uploads) I went for a drive one night.  On the left are people sleeping, just right there like that.  That’s the definition of trust-in-humanity, don’t you think?  I wonder if I could do it.    

On the right is a photo I’ll bet there’s millions of versions of, “oh look honey, such a dichotomy between old arcitecture and the new.  Snap snap”.