En route to my car after last night’s even I noticed one of my upcoming Blog Party spots was open so I went in looking for the owners, they weren’t there and instead met Dwayne, their right hand guy.

august 25 2009

This is, ‘The Great Hall‘.  How I know about it is from working security there.

While in the park Dwayne called, and pretty soon I think everyone in Trinity Bellwoods Park knew about my Blog Party plans because I was YELLING into the phone.  Two reasons for this, one: Dwayne is adorable and he was pumped for the idea, so I got more pumped, then we were yelling at each other in excitement.

And two: I’ve always been loud on the phone, it just is.  Like everyone, I too worked in telemarketing in high school but had to be sent to sit way away from everyone else, in my own corner of the building, because of my loudness.  Whatever, I get excited, ” Hi Mr. McLala, it’s Keri calling from Chemlawn, your lawn care company!”.