july 18 2009

Top left are my legs in taxi on the way over to The Annex Live where I met the birthday girl (big middle photo) and 4 of her friends for dinner.  It’s not her birth birthday, it’s her Chinese birthday which is based on the lunar calender.  I don’t quite understand, and I also don’t get why everyone thought it was so funny when I asked her what my Chinese name would be.  Still don’t.

Top right was our waitress who was awesome and if ever you go make sure to sit in her section.  And I’m sorry, but I forgot to learn your name, please leave me a note in the comments so I can fix that!

Middle top is me with Luke the DJ who, when I requested Britney, played three of her hits yesss.  This was at Amber, a bar in Yorkville, and should you click on that link to go to their website turn off your volume because I just scared the crap out of myself linking that up.  Why do people still think it’s okay to automatically have music play?  

And bottom right, that photo kinda sums up my whole night 🙂