Today’s route.  Below are stills from my Flip Video.  There’s no point editing any of the footage, it’s way too shaky.  Okay SO:

Top Rowapril 12 2009
Again we had to cross a few rivers by finding fallen trees.  I regret not throwing my camera across so you could have seen me walk upright across them.  And there on the right is evidence of Canada’s national animal, the beaver.  Saw a lot of evidence of them… here I’m pointing out their teeth marks.  

Middle Row
You find the oddest things in the forest.  That’s a computer just laying there (which of course you kick on the way by); I found that flag and ran with it for a bit till I needed my hand back to go over a barbwire fence (3 of them on this run actually); and that’s a very nice spoon I’ll use to stir my coffee.  There on the right is a stuffed animal horse burrowed in a tree.  

Bottom Row
Part of the fun of these runs is you never know what you’ll pop out onto when you emerge from the forest.  Nice house eh?  That’s at York University; and that’s a silo from some stables that look like a cartoon.  

Then that last photo there is the BEST moment by far of the whole day.  The orange arrow I drew shows my route and what was possiblly my most traceuse-like move ever.  I wanna go back and do it again and again and I probably will. 

Above is my gang.