I attended the League of Kickass Business People at The Social and met, this is rare, another ‘Keri’. 

august 24 2009

I can count on one hand the number of Keri’s I’ve ever met, this Keri is a photographer with an elegant logo.  Of course I asked her if she used Keri Lotion (no) and Keri, check out this stamp with our name on it.

Below are more new friends, Simon (middle) and Adrian (right):

I took the photo then showed them and asked if it was okay for my blog, the usual routine. Adrian was like “woah” and I agreed because he kinda looks like how I did when I was off to “Exploring Clubbing Seals“.  See a better photo of us Simon took here.

Adrian founded DNA 11, who “pioneered the application of genetic science in the creation of truly personalized unique custom art”.  Click on that link to see how big he’s made it… featured in Wired, CNN, many more, so sick.