P90X eh? Those guys must be super cool.*

Wednesday I sat down at my computer and then 10 hours later tada! a job i’ve been putting off for 2 months is done.

Filmed the second half of my Eldon episode today.  At one point we’re doing shots of him and one of his pieces and then as I’m climbing back in my car he looks at me all confused: ah Keri, you sure you got enough footage? me: I make 3 minute movies dude, 3.  

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow.

I’m gonna do some editing tonight.

I am now officially drowning in footage.  My camera is full of unedited stuff… that’s 7 hours.  

Did I tell you I now have a cycling team? 

Okay bye

*note – I was supposed to start P90X 5 weeks ago.