So not having a doctor I had to go to a walk-in clinic to attend to my ankle.  I searched Google and chose one that had an X-ray machine on-site, ‘Regent Medical Clinic’.  Now, I have heard over the years some whining about our medical system and briefly want to defend it.  

The place was spotless, the two staff manning the desk were efficient and smiley, I waited 25 minutes (on a Saturday afternoon) and the Doctor who saw me was thorough.  I had a lot of questions and she patiently answered each.  

When I returned this afternoon for my X-ray I was taken in immediately, this time waited 5 minutes and then the technician took multiple photos and went over the images with me.

In total: I saw 2 doctors and 1 nurse, waited 30 minutes, made jokes with the desk staff who joked back, and left with the feeling like someone actually cared.  The Doctor told me to return in a couple months for a checkup.  Isn’t that nice?

And all I had to do to make this happen was show a little piece of plastic, one we each have.  If you want more than that, well, I think you want too much.  october 6 2008