It’s coming along well and will be quite cute, I must say.  The rough copy is done, music is picked out (new music is in order for this one), I got on top of the outrageous amount of footage I have, it’s going to be a longer-than-normal episode, and, for the first time ever I had a… cameraman.  

Editing moving footage is weird for me.  Also odd was the fact that nobody on the ship has ever seen an episode, so when I said, “no no, I just set the camera up there like that, it’s okay” it musta been weird for them… “doesn’t she know it’s crooked?  That the perspective is off?  If she’s just standing there not moving this is gonna be dull, no?”. Ha.  

But for all my interviews, and for my epic episode ending, the camera is moving and fellas you did fantastic.  And dude, the way you filmed the ceremony is perfect; when I watched it last night I was pumped, especially when you zoomed in on the veteran gentleman.

Should be done in a bunch of days, I just want to make sure to give the ship the respect it deserves so I’m being extra-finicky.  I can do it though, I can put up a movie in the same day I shot the footage, I did on Sunday, click here

That’s from the cycling race.  My team wanted to see themselves in action, I wanted to see if I could do it, so I threw that together and up it went.  Of course it’s somewhat edited (I’m too meticulous not to) and I figure I just gotta find a happy balance between that and my usual, elaborate style.