july 26 2009

It rained SO hard all day.  The top two photos are 5 of us squished underneath a one umbrella where we stayed like that for half an hour while they delayed the race start over and over.  It was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen.  And that’s my new friend Keith there in yellow who kills me and who I’d like to have on my team next year.

I did have my camera to film but no way was I bringing it out in the rain.  You have to be sensible about these things, much like my choice of footwear for today WHAT was I thinking?  I wasn’t thinking; woke up and ran out the door and that’s what ended up on my feet dummmb.

@Astroboy, fellow cycling enthusiast, and I were so close to meeting; we’ve been trying for months and keep missing one another.  Oh and you know how I said Brampton is a rich city?  I was wrong, it’s Burlington I confused it with.  Look, there are thousands of houses like that here:

That’s a small one.  I can’t find proof online to link up, but it’s a good source so I’ll say it: apparently more millionaires live here than almost anywhere else in Canada.  And driving around today that is very believable.

They’ve got some great stuff going on here, like the Canada’s Largest Ribfest , one of three magnetic hills in Ontario (oh we’re so doing that) and the Royal Botanical Gardens (which I thought was in Hamilton but found when I got lost en route to the race).  Their sister city is Myrtle Beach.  I wonder what my sister city would be.

PS – Rannie your bench just has to be here in this bedroom community – haha, inside joke

PPS – Above right is my signature driving move