Here’s where we went today.  It took 3 hours to get there and a 45 minute TTC ride to get back to where we started.  Again we went through every kind of terrain, maybe the best was when we crested a hill and happened upon a minuature golf course.  

So we’re in the forest and it’s reallllly muddy and my friend slips and flies down a hill and of course I laugh, and not 30 seconds later the same thing happens to me so I reach out and grab a tree branch to stop myself from falling (it worked) and jam the crap out of my left middle finger; it’s already blue.march 15 2009

As great as some parkour movies are out there, you can’t really appreciate it until you see it in real life.  And the fitness of these guys is retarded… hours in I’m barely jogging along and they’re sprinting and hopping fences in one bound.  But even the little fitness I’ve started to do has paid off, “hey Keri, you’re so much less weezy this time”.  And just to say it, I descended the giant tree with the most grace.

Check out these photos from our end point; the place is AMAZING.  It felt like an entire different world, like we hopped a fence into Myst.