Everything else in life dissapears when playing, eh.  I stand up, yell and forget to blink so my contacts get crispy.

Below on the right is when I stopped to blog, ha.  That laptop is in my favourite level, the suburban one with the yellow tank.  In the distant future I can see that actually happening.

I’m not sure pumping violence into my eyes is good for a human, but I do think this game probably acts as a little reality check for my delusions of spydom.

I’d like to customize my controller more, reversing the R1&2 buttons so I stop accidentally throwing grenades.  And I’m not surprised MW2 has outsold any other entertainment anything, for having played a total of 2 hours I shouldn’t be thinking about it this much.


Kay 100 words is tough.  Good thing I’m training.  

Below are the kind of games I like to play after, the polar-opposite of MW2.

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