Okay so South Beach is a time warp.  That was 5 days?  As IF.

So much fun last night, gay clubs are the best eh ladies?!  Didn’t get to see much of either Hector or Ashraf though… they were working at the bar and the place was rammed; they were hanging from the rafters, literally.  I danced and danced and re-injured my ankle climbing a fence to get home.

I just realized I have no photos of either of them, oops, so below are their Facebook profile pics; Ashraf (left) I didn’t get to see enough this visit,  

december 5 2008
and Hector (right) kindly let me stay at his place.  The guy’s a killer; he can make me laugh very hard and we love penguins.  He has some of the best Facebook status updates I’ve seen: “in my next life I want to come back… as ME!”

We stayed up late a lot of nights talking, laughing, him teaching me how to walk with less stomp and more elegance.  And he suggested I become a bartender and you know, after hearing his points I see it’s an excellent idea and maybe I will.