I heart the Lettuce Eatery… they can actually make vegetables taste okay.  Below is Warren who runs the one in the Exchange Tower (which has the freshest spinach, I think).  

We were exchanging holiday stories when the subject of our great Canadian manners came up:

Me: Yup, I love how we’re the politest nation around.
Warren: No, that’s not true.
Me: [jaw drops]. What? WHY would you say THAT?
Warren: StatsCan did a survery a few years back and Toronto came out as one of the poorest-mannered cities in the world.
Me: Nooooo.  No no no.january 5 2009  
Warren: Yup, sorry Keri.

So of course I googled this “survey” soon as I got home and couldn’t find it.  But okay, not gonna lie, I could have looked harder.  I did find this one though by Readers Digest; it states Toronto placed 3rd in the world for “Most Polite”.

I’m gonna stick to the Readers Digest findings, but still, perhaps we Canadians are resting a bit too much on our laurels and need to step up our game.