I’m at Kimco, a premiere recycling facility which the Canadian Recycling Association has awarded “The Most Outstanding Recycling Operation in Canada”.  The place is like ‘Giant Land’ in Super Mario 3.  
See that thing in the top photo?  That’s their brand-new, only-a-few-in-the-world-exist shredder.  A car goes in one end and then, with zero human help, gets separated into its parts (plastic / carpet / glass, etc). We’re gonna come back to see that.  And to weigh the studio, just for fun.august 21 2007

I know this sounds unthinkable, but I did not see the nightmare audio coming; most of the footage is un-useable.  Plus when I filmed this I hadn’t slept in 2 days so I’m more retarded than usual.  And what was I thinking wearing a black turtleneck?  Check out my disembodied-head look.