Follow along from left to right:

– Before.january 20 2009

– Ewww, why did I agree to this? Now is probably not the time to tell them I loathe fruit.  Sucking it up.

– Ha, got out of taking the skins off.

– Might not be in the clear.  Now the cores have to come out.  And they don’t have a little machine to do it, I asked.

– Chris showing me how to “core an apple”.  Then he hovered over me while I did because “watching you use a knife is kinda terrifying, Keri”.

– Now you make lemon rind using this grater.
Jim: Push harder Keri, have you never done this before?
Me: No, never.
Jim: Okay, you know what a lemon is right?  I mean, how far back do you want me to go here?

– Hey Jim painted all these; pretty, eh! I had no idea he could do that.  Even though I’ve seen these paintings 500 times.

– Get instructions how to roll out dough.  You wanna do it as fast as you can.

– Take a break to watch Michelle and Obama’s first dance.  We loved it when he added in that little leg kick.

– Get back to eating dough.

– Look what I found! It’s a steel machete with the handle made by folding over the bottom.

– If I ever bake again I’m gonna use this thing from start to finish.

– Now have Jim pour the fruit into the crust.

– Decorate the top of the pie.  Really take your time to avoid…

– … the dishes.  It works.

– Tada! Jim put the American flag on the pie, I made the new First Family. 

– Jim

– Chris

Then we served it with some ice cream and you know, it was a good feeling to feed people.  Kinda get it now.