Ate in the Dark This Week

Here at Onoir.

It’s been a culinary trend for a couple years I hear, something about how not being able to see your hand in front of your face enhances the food taste.  Blind people serve you.

It was a great experience, don’t need to repeat it.  I have a thing for blind people; I can’t imagine going through life not being able to see it.  That’s why I dedicated to them half of everything of this.

Also, our Canadian currency is of the few in the world that use a raised ‘tactile feature’ for the visually impaired.

I’ve Been Reading This

Blogging Hereos by Michael A. Banks.

For Xmas ’09 I gave myself this and this book (big Andy McNab fan here).  The year before I got a Jawbone.

The book is exactly what I needed, reigniting my love of blogging and all that.  It’s also serving as a good reminder I’m on the right track, how to go about it all, stuff like that.

Not gonna lie – since after my post-Olympic crash I’ve been finding it tough to get back to where I was, video blogging everyday, always sharing with you, living online.  That’s why there’s no videos since, it’s not for lack of trying.  

I have here 8 un-edited ones where I tried just to talk to the camera and bring you up to speed, but they’re all very meh.  Soon come, I can feel it, it’s coming back.

Me The Other Day

Ladies: $30 100% Cotton Dresses

I know eh, good deal.  They’re from the mall.

You can tell by my tools I sew.  Click here to see a quilt I made, and here for the time I made my own birthday outfit.

Important – Please Read

It just got back to me that during the Mesh Conference after party this week “someone” was telling people he’s paying me to backlink posts for money…. as in: I insert a blog post back where you’d likely never see it (like in 2008) about something spammy like online loans, and in return I get $10 and their Google ranking is increased.

Let me be very clear here: I would NEVER no NEVER do that.

I haven’t held out putting ads on this site for this long to throw it all away for 10 bucks, I think it’s shady, and it completely undermines my entire blog since really, a blog is only as honest and authentic as its author.

And to the guy that said that: what is wrong with you?  Don’t use my name like that ever again.  I have never worked for you nor will I, I’ve always been nice to you and why you’d say such a thing is beyond me.  

I had to explain to someone yesterday that of course I wouldn’t do that and their response? “Okay good, my respect for you went back up”.  I felt like barfing.  Awesome.

The end.

What a Great Gift

This came yesterday in the mail, it’s the White Stripes’ film, “Under Great White Northern Lights“.

Thank you, Scott!

I think you sent it to kick start me again on this project, and just reading the cover and insert, it has.  They’re like future-me: they stopped in every province and territory, it’s filled with red & white imagery and highlights places a little off the beaten path.  

Here’s the part that made my forehead crinkle:

All that tiny type are lists of names of those involved in the project.  Compare it to my list: myself.  Yaaaaa, LE SIGH.  Good thing I love a challenge.

My Electronics are Always Broken

I have THE worst luck, that’s why I have rules like this.  Once I read it’s because electronics are hyper-senstive to psychic energy, but I don’t know.  

1 – That’s my audio un-linked in FinalCut; you should’ve heard what came out of my mouth when that happened.  If you’ve ever edited you’ll know that separating the two channels is integral to having good audio, and that screenshot is the first and only time my audio has ever ever been unlinked; it’s back again to being stuck together.  

2 – That’s my Finder crashing.  My Finder.

3 – I would never authorize another computer to use my iTunes, so why?

4 – Opera is not installed on my laptop, but all those files changed one day to the Opera logo?  They’re jpegs?

5 – That’s my video converter (Streamclip) and it keeps switching back to PAL.  There are two types of video playback – PAL and NTSC.  In North America we use only the latter, so how I remember that is: PAL is not my pal.

Me Today

I really looked like my show today, eh.

Studio Woes

It sounds like I souped-up my car, but I didn’t.  Turns out a car has two mufflers, and the middle one on mine is loose.  It can’t be glued in place like I suggested, instead it has to be replaced.  So until that time, I have a fake modded ride.

I love it here.  Last summer I spent an entire day here, which is how I ended up flying around in a Chevy Nova.  

Oh PS – I haven’t mentioned it ever, but I could go on and on about how that new “no cell while driving law” has affected my entire show, but it’s got me down for sure.  I mean, my whole premise…

If I Invited You to Stay Over…

… you’d get an email much like this:

“So ya, we can drink beers and be dumb and I’m fun to drive around with downtown, don’t worry.”

And then I’d give you this towel.

By now you’re like, “well this is the dumbest post ever”, and it kinda is.

The only reason I’m writing it is because this is now the second time I’ve blogged about this towel, and I think that’s funny.