Happy Birthday Canada, Love You!

We’re 143 today!

And of course I have one of these:

Found This Old Photo

Circa late 2008.

Me The Other Day

I’d sent this as a Twitpic, and Sean Ward liked it so much he turned it into a fake album cover, niiiiice.

Two Neat Canadian Buildings

During Doors Open this year I first visited the original Toronto Stock Exchange.

Built in 1912 at 234 Bay Street it’s a total Art Deco building, beautiful eh.  Art Deco was huge here in Toronto, a fact I find curious.  

Also interesting:

– it’s the only stock exchange in Canada, 3rd largest in North America and 8th worldwide
– we have more mining and oil & gas companies listed than any other exchange in the world
– it was originally founded around 1850 by 24 men at… a Masonic Hall
– it was the first ever air-conditioned building in Canada
– that light below on the left, that’s the first ever fluorescent light in Canada

Then I went over to the Canada Life Building at 330 University Avenue, once the tallest structure in town, 17 stories, and housing our nation’s oldest insurance company.

It is one of the largest office buildings in the city that has windows that open.

I just don’t think you can build such beautiful things anymore, it’s too expensive.  The architecture of the building, top left, was meant to symbolize the company’s stability.  

The coolest part of the building is the weather beacon on the very top; you can know the weather by looking at it and knowing the codes in the above photo.

The bottom photo is the ceiling of the 17th floor observation deck, open to the public today but never open to staff or anyone else ever.

Here’s the view:

Last year I went to the HMCS York Naval Reserve:

Click here to watch Ryan’s video version of the day’s events.

White Light for Tom Please

Remember last summer when I went looking for that bird that was more popular on YouTube than me?  That’s how I met Tom, he and Charlie (the bird) were BFFs.  

We’d hang out when I rode my bike through Harbourfront and we stayed email friends until I got one last week saying he’d passed away, one of those awful stories about just finding him and all that.

Please can you do something for me: think of Tom simultaneously with a very bright white light for as long as you can right now go….. kay thanks, he was a solid human with good jokes.  

I should go tell Charlie what happened.

The Aforementioned 20 year-old Organizer

Behold the Sharp IQ-7200.

It’s from… 1989!  Its memory was 64KB, and that was a big deal.

That white area bottom left is where a plastic placeholder has to be inserted in order for it to work.  

I am now thinking to put some batteries in and see what kind of dossiers little-me had going on back then.

Everything Crashed

My Blackberry won’t accept calls and is constantly frozen, my laptop is now installing stuff on its own and last night… erased my calender.  I’ve had a digital organizer for 20+ years.

And something is disproportionately wrong with my blog numbers yesterday, who knows what that’ll turn into.  Off to fix all this, I’m too numb to freak out.  

Happy Big Birthday, Tony!

After we hung up yesterday I had little tears because I wish so much I could’ve made it down for your big party, have a great time tonight and I owe you a giant hug. XO

This is Tony, Hector and me here in Toronto when they came up from South Beach to visit me two summers ago.

Here’s the time we met up in Niagara Falls, and here’s when I made the trip down south.  They’re my BFFs from forever, and I miss you guys.

Getting Sand

I sent that to my newspaper pals at Vancouver 24 Hours as a “thanks for having me” gift, and included was a labelled ziploc of sand for Dean because I’d overheard he collects it (I don’t get it either).

That’s a Canada Goose Camp Down jacket.  

I’m at Cherry Beach.

My New Toy

A Nintendo DSi.  Been wanting one for a long time, look how old mine is, circa 1998.

The thing is flooring me… two cameras, I can send text and photos around, play online versus other people, and I have a suspicion this is one of the most hacked things out there.   

The games I chose:

Top to bottom:

– Mario and Luigi – Bowser’s Inside Story – came free with my DS

New Super Mario Bros. – I’m most excited for this one

Professor Layton and the Curious Village – I love puzzles

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Obviously

And this DS is the reason this story ended the way it did.