My Electronics are Always Broken

I have THE worst luck, that’s why I have rules like this.  Once I read it’s because electronics are hyper-senstive to psychic energy, but I don’t know.  

1 – That’s my audio un-linked in FinalCut; you should’ve heard what came out of my mouth when that happened.  If you’ve ever edited you’ll know that separating the two channels is integral to having good audio, and that screenshot is the first and only time my audio has ever ever been unlinked; it’s back again to being stuck together.  

2 – That’s my Finder crashing.  My Finder.

3 – I would never authorize another computer to use my iTunes, so why?

4 – Opera is not installed on my laptop, but all those files changed one day to the Opera logo?  They’re jpegs?

5 – That’s my video converter (Streamclip) and it keeps switching back to PAL.  There are two types of video playback – PAL and NTSC.  In North America we use only the latter, so how I remember that is: PAL is not my pal.

Me Today

I really looked like my show today, eh.

Studio Woes

It sounds like I souped-up my car, but I didn’t.  Turns out a car has two mufflers, and the middle one on mine is loose.  It can’t be glued in place like I suggested, instead it has to be replaced.  So until that time, I have a fake modded ride.

I love it here.  Last summer I spent an entire day here, which is how I ended up flying around in a Chevy Nova.  

Oh PS – I haven’t mentioned it ever, but I could go on and on about how that new “no cell while driving law” has affected my entire show, but it’s got me down for sure.  I mean, my whole premise…

If I Invited You to Stay Over…

… you’d get an email much like this:

“So ya, we can drink beers and be dumb and I’m fun to drive around with downtown, don’t worry.”

And then I’d give you this towel.

By now you’re like, “well this is the dumbest post ever”, and it kinda is.

The only reason I’m writing it is because this is now the second time I’ve blogged about this towel, and I think that’s funny.

My New Haircut

Thanks, Brennen!  I think you too should get your haircut here.  Don’t worry, his eyes aren’t really all fish-like like that.

Here’s our episode, “At the Hairdresser”:

PS – I got a kick out of the name of this post, remember the viral video, My New Haircut?  Not now chief.

Free Chair to a Good Home

It has to go because when I sit in it I have terrible terrible posture.  I have computer shoulders and since I kicked off “Operation Beast Keri” two weeks ago, and learned how long it’s going to take to correct my posture, I can no longer reverse that every night by sitting in it.

It’s in mint condition because I’m little and the thing is huge. Usually I sit cross-legged all hunched over like this.  

Why is it so special?  Because I invented my whole show in it.  As silly as it is to be attached to an inanimate object, I am.  That’s why I care what happens to it.

Email me or leave a comment below if you’d like it.

The Plan Hasn’t Changed

It’s still possible and will happen, this cross-country-celebrating-Canada trip, documenting it online, that’s all the same, but the way I do it has changed.  

While at the Olympics two big things happened, 1 – I saw thousands of people who loved and wanted to fist-pump for Canada as much as me, so okay great, this invention of mine really has legs.  

But 2 – everything I thought and planned, for the last 2+ years, about how I was going to make it happen, I realized none of it will work.  It was simultaneously uplifting and devastating at the same time and definitely contributed to my zombie-ness when I returned home.

I’ve always planned for it to be just me, driving around, making a video a day and doing what I did in Vancouver… producing and researching my own stories, blogging and editing everything myself, on the road, on a couch, just me.  

But having done that for three weeks and then crashing hard for another three, well, how inefficient is that?  And the fun wears off, and you’d see that, and who wants to watch an exhuasted girl online?  I don’t wanna even edit that.

You know what else?  I no longer want to do it by myself either.  I wouldn’t say I’m a natural team player, I’ve never played a team sport, I’m kind of a loner… but it started after I sailed on that warship and was immersed in a giant team for a few days, that’s when I started to think maybe it’d be better to have a partner-in-crime* with me.

But for sure I’m going to try to put them in their own car for the trip, I mean how much small talk can I be expected to make?  🙂

* I’ve been adding characteristics to a list for 2+ years of my dream assistant, his name is “My Guy”, he’s a one-stop-shop of help, and I’ll tell you all about him another day.

My Cycling Team is Doing Great This Year

We’re two races into the season and my team is doing great this year and being very team-like.  I used to think cycling was just pedal as fast as possible, but turns out there’s a lot of strategy involved.  

The first race was the Good Friday Road Race put on by the Hamilton Cycling Club, one of the oldest cycling clubs in Canada, founded 1881.

There were an obscene amount of crashes.  Imagine that group above exploding from the centre like a cartoon, legs and arms everywhere.  Not blogging those photos.  
Seeing my logo on the jerseys does not get old.  And that’s what you wear to a race; mini skirt and combat boots.

Out of nowhere I hear, “Keri!” and tada, the stars of “Exploring the Waterfall Capital of the World” came out of nowhere, hi guys! (fast forward to 1:35 in that video for the waterfall part).  Click here to read about when we felt a ghost during our exploration.

My team did great at the Calabogie race, the one on the race track.

This is how I cheer.

And this is how I amuse myself during the waiting.

Here’s the episode, Exploring Cycling.

Star of ‘Exploring Deep Space’ Makes BIG Discovery

My very first exploration ever was with Dr. Terry Bridges and Hank Bartlett at the Queen’s Observatory.  

Well get THIS: Terry has discovered “as many as 1/4 of the star clusters in our Milky Way are invaders from other galaxies” and “there may be as many as six dwarf galaxies yet to be discovered within the Milky Way, rather than the two that were previously confirmed”.  Read the entire article here

Congratulations, Terry, this is fantastic!

I Got Mail

Thanks Universal, for the It’s Complicated DVD!

And Dean, congratulations on becoming a published author!  Your books look classy, nice touch on making your name in gold.  

From Dean’s stuff I learned about Irving Layton, on of Canada’s biggest poets, nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Literature, was awarded my beloved Order of Canada (here’s when I saw one IRL), and Dean’s buddy.  

Check out Dean’s poetry and learn more about him here.

And if ever you’d like to send me stuff please do I LOVE getting mail.  Here’s my address.