Wearing a 20-pound Weight Vest

I’m stab-proof in it.

A Welcome Home Party Last Night

Last night one of my oldest BFFs thew me a welcome-home-from-the-Olympics party and thanks lady, it was fantastic seeing you, and all you ladies, and my throat hurts from laughing.

Look what came with the party… the world’s biggest balloon.

And KeriCDN cookies come ON.  

Hello, I’m President

Today at the Toronto International Bicycle Show I signed my name and became President of my Cycling Team.

I wandered the show with this, aka breakfast:

Meet my team below in, “Exploring Cycling”:


Went to an Art Battle

It’s competitive painting – two people from the crowd compete, the winner is chosen by audience voting and the loser’s painting is destroyed here at The Great Hall.  

The one on the left won.  Below are Casie, Breanna and me.

Click here to watch some more videos Casie made about it. 


Kay did not see this amount of tiredness coming

I apologize for the lack of blogging, I only turned my laptop on this afternoon for the first time since coming home.  

Just very burned out and little, is all.  All’s well, back at it soon enough, sorry again you came here and nothing’s new.

At the Airport

You know all the talk about the Vancouver aiport being their busiest day of all time?  Look what I walked into:

How amazing is that?  That’s 1pm, and probably my fastest checkin ever.   They’d been rehearsing for today and it showed.

They re-routed all taxis, and where I checked in was actually an empty building, everything you see above was built just for today.  

And finally got to weigh my backpack – 20 pounds.

Today’s Article – Keep the Party Going

I love how this was known around the wolrd as “The Party Olympics”.

Simultaneously, we set the record for the most gold medals ever won at a Winter Olympics.  Sums us up pretty well, eh?

This was our coming out party, Canada!

It’s important to keep this patriotic momentum going; we’ve been humble for long enough about being the best country in the wold.

You know those times when you got goosebumps during the Games, or when your eyes welled up?  When you were holding your breath and forgetting to blink while you willed us to victory?

That feeling, that’s the one that needs to be celebrated and screamed a little louder.  

I don’t want to leave here.  I want to live in this bubble forever.

Thank you Vancouver, for showing me the time of my life.

See you soon.
I’m so coming back.


Vancouver 24 Hours