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Ep. #21 – Exploring the Bell Ice Cube

You probably saw this place often on TV, here we walk through it and see their new hover technology.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: I’m not sponsored by Bell.  And the hockey tickets are from them (ty j).

But, it’s kinda ad-like, right?  Exactly – this is now my go-to example to send potential sponsors . 

Choosing the Thumbnail Is the Best Part

Good number of options from TubeMogul, eh?  

– top left – if they were paying me
– middle second right – if we were fighting
– bottom right – favourite

Ep. #20 – Part 1/5 of ‘Olympic Wrap-Up Week’


Divided my trip into 4-day-chunks, today is: February 11 until February 14


– watch the episode, ‘At the Airport‘ and see how I spent the flight here

– meet Mary, Alex, David and Dean

– see my press passes here and here

– watch the episode, ‘Exploring Canada Goose

– read my first article in the paper here

– watch the episode, ‘Come Along on a Walk Downtown‘ 

– see my mobile studio backpack up-close here

– watch the episode ‘Protestors at Victory Square Re-route Torch‘ 

– learn about Terry Fox, from Douglas Coupland, here 

– watch the episode, ‘Playing Spontaneous Pickup Hockey‘ and some stills here

– who my Valentine was here

My Epic Hat from Canada Goose

The only sucky part of winter being almost over is it’ll be too warm to wear this.  

If you’d like one too, they’re here

Ep. #19 – It’s ‘Olympic Wrap-Up Week’

My trip divided into 4-day chunks, because I still have SO much to tell you. 

Coffee With My Editor

So good seeing you dude, thanks for the kind thing you tweeted, and for making me a part of  And can’t wait to work together again soon.

Me Today

Oscar Party Last Night

If a movie won an Oscar I probably won’t like it.  But Oscar parties are great.

90% of the people at the party had blogs, and Sean Ward Ustreamed a show, “Live from the Red Carpet” while party-host Casie waltzed around as Lady Blogga ahaha. 

They party moved to the hottub room, and I was looking out the window thinking, “did that Olympic thing really happen?”


No Really, Look How Big my Balloon Is