Hi There, See You Later

First, sorry you came and there’s nothing new.  To be honest, I’m still burnt out.  The Olympics took a lot out of me, and I’m still not back to normal.  I feel retarded saying that.  I’m the girl that _always_ bounces back!  Not this time I guess.

Thinking I’m just gonna wake up one day and be me again isn’t working, and these promises of I’ll be back online soon are delusional.  

I’ve been editing the same episode for a week now and I can’t get it together.  It shouldn’t be that way, that’s how I know.  

And maybe this will seem over the top, but I don’t think one of our greatest Canadian moments should be edited with such a head as mine right now, and you wouldn’t wanna watch me narrate anything right now either 😉

My grandma’s been in the hospital since last week and tomorrow she’s moving to a new home quite a bit further away, so that’s this week, and I’ll be back with the rest of the great Olympic footage I still have when I’m normal.  Not putting a date on that 🙂

Find me on Twitter a bit in the interim.

xo Keri 

Olympic Newspaper Articles

Here they are:

Feb 12 – ” humans are supposed to be moist, eh?”

Feb 15 – “I get why people follow the Games around now”

Feb 16 – “maybe it’s jinxy of me”

Feb 17 – “on the SkyTrain (it’s not a subway)”

Feb 18 – “Canadians excel at the new sports, we’re early-adopters.”

Feb 19* – “think about the last dinner party you threw and times that by a billion”

Feb 22 – “time is going too fast”

Feb 23* – ” are you tired of the Games yet, Vancouver?”

Feb 24 – “given an excellent hat, which I wore all day” 

Feb 26 – “Vancouver’s transportation system is run on the honour system”

Feb 27* – “I want to live in this bubble forever” 

* = favourite

Vancouver 24 Hours

Hi hi

New videos and updates coming soon, I’m completely wiped is all.  Sorry you came here and there’s nothing new.

Biathlon Photos

Ep. #24 – Exploring the Biathlon

The fans were colourful and loud in many languages.  

These athletes are beasts to ski like that for an hour, and the target is the size of a loonie.

Ep. #23 – What I’m Most Proud Of For Van2010

Also cool is that we threw the world’s biggest party and never did you see an automatic weapon.  

Footage is from the afternoon after our big Gold Sunday Hockey Win.

What Happened to ‘Weekly Wrap-Up?’

Realized that I can’t put a finite number on how many episodes it’ll be, it’s going to take longer I’m not sure why I put such date on it in the first place, still kinda feeling weird, going back through everything and I fit a lot into those weeks, eh.  

Scroll down to the moments in ‘Downtown Vancouver After the Hockey Gold’, what a thing to get to edit.  The ‘Final Day’ episode is really coming together.  

So anyway, “Olympic Wrap Up Extravaganza” will continue running in it’s daily time slot.

Coming soon: “Exploring the Biathalon”

Ep. #22 – Exploring Pin Collecting

It was a huge “thing” at the Olympics, it just happened. I didn’t collect any, and was given two. 

Mail your SASE here.

Downtown Vancouver After The Hockey Gold Win

I’ve Been Learning About the Leafs

– the Leafs play at the ACC
– they’re in second last place with half the points no wonder all the booing
– their fan base is exceedingly loyal 
– they’re owned by the Teachers Pension Fund
– correct stuff I’ve got wrong

– I may have been spoiled by being introduced to the game at the Olympic level.

Breanna’s been teaching me, too:

Hey Leafs PR people, can we come to a game and make “Exploring Hockey Rules” please?