My New Headquarters

My stuff is put away, WiFi setup and I have a key to a place in the middle of downtown that’s just 3 blocks from the media centre.  

Do I ever owe ya, lady.

About Moving

That’s my couch now, and that’s a map of the SkyTrain (don’t call it a subway).

This is Me Moving! Hello Downtown

Thanks, You Two

I’m saying goodbye to my host couple today and moving downtown.  The easier thing woulda have been to stay with them because they’re kind, fun and coffee gets delivered to you in the morning.  

But it’s quite far east, and I feel guilty they’d have to pick me up each night from the train station.  

Thank you for opening your home to a stranger, guys XO


Went to a Yahoo! party last night, wandered the streets at night (have photos, parts of which are Vegasy), I’m moving downtown today (I’ve been in East Vancouver), and off to film a video about what it’s like on the downtown during the games because there’s a TON of stuff around not sports related.  TTYL!

Reading My First Ever Article

I’m Accredited…

… first official video assignment today, my name in print, working for Canada’s biggest blog, I did it.  

Kay I gotta get outta here before I puddle.  TTYL.

To the Media Centre

You’ll see this place on TV, the place with the zip line, and my media centre is underneath.

First Trip to Downtown

Vancouver 24 Hours gave me a bus pass, all right.  I took that shot while the bus was moving, pretty good timing, eh.

That’s Mia, she was my guide to get there and is the newspaper’s IT person, yes lady, another geek girl.  

And there I am, me downtown and, guys, the vibe is amazing like… pure.  Can’t wait to explore tomorrow, and really get into it and kay I gotta stop now because my eyes are tearing up as I type that and I’m in the media centre with people all around because picking up my press pass was my first stop, which I’ll blog now.

I’m In This!

En route to downtown this lady handed me a copy of today’s Vancouver 24 Hours which contains my first ever article, which I told her.  My cover is so cute!  Here’s another pic.

Saved that copy and am waiting to read it on camera together, hopefully later tonight.