Ep. # 7 – Energy Here Hasn’t Decreased

With the ceremonies behind us I wondered if the level of excitement had decreased, so I conducted a survey and unanimously no, people are still pumped.

Interesting about the health of the host city and the attendees eh, I hadn’t thought of that but really, it’s a big considerations.

And CONGRATULATIONS Bilodeau!  You’re our new Canadian hero, and you wear it well.

How I Filmed by the Olympic Village

Today’s Article – Fun and Games

We’re into it now, we’ve already medaled but what I didn’t see coming was how much non-Games fun there is.

Today I played street hockey for the first time.  Games are spontaneously popping up.  

What I also didn’t expect was teh mood.  I understand now why people follow the Games around the world.  To be surrounded by this many genuinely happy people is rare.  

Ask anyone a question and get back a thoughful response, and taht is why we’re universally loved, and why I’m proud that’s what the world is meeting here. 

Vancouver 24 Hours

Happy Happy, Canada

You are my Valentine. xo Keri

Ep. #6 – Playing Spontaneous Pickup Hockey

Games have been popping up all over downtown Vancouver, and today I played in one.  First time ever, and I get it now, how exhilarating! 

Especially when they’re nice and let you score.

You may also like, Exploring Hockey Legends when I met some of our country’s greats at Maple Leaf Gardens:


Screenshots From Editing

Inside the green circle is the orange ball, which I ducked just in time.  I guess “you’ll be the goalie” is a joke that went over my head, literally and figuratively.  The guy in white said, “oh man, imagine the audio if that’d hit ya?” and yup, that’s good footage.

On the right is my weirdo hockey form.

Also, I lost an earring while playing.

Meet Mary, My Producer Today

She’s a natural at this and forced me to hand out my business cards, which is good because I’m usually too shy to.

Things About Vancouver #1

Top to bottom, left to right:

– taken in a restaurant.  It’s not so much rain here, it’s more a constant mist.  I like it.  Humans are mostly made of water so I think it’s good for us

– that’s where all the Bell bigwigs are staying, and that’s why it’s lit up in blue

– still milking that

– the last remaining structure from Expo ’86

– Vancouver is nestled at the bottom of those three mountains, and I spelled ‘Cypress’ wrong

Ep. #5 – Come Along on a Walk Downtown

Starting in the thick of it all in Robson Square we then head east, past Granville, and end in front of the Bell Cube, the one you’ve seen on TV for sure. 

And thanks to the new treatment plant, Vancouver’s water is some of the best in Canada.

Meet Alex, My Producer Today

He was amazed at how fast I can move through crowds, “you’re like a laser”.  

Yup, I’m good at that.